Message from the PMS

Jumping out of airplanes? Riding a 63 ton tank across the open desert? Visiting far off places? Leading Soldiers? Does this sound interesting to you? If so, Georgia Military College (GMC) Early Commissioning Program (ECP) can help you do all those things! Our ECP program is specifically designed to enable you to commission as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army after two years of college study. You then go on to a four year institution where you complete your degree while serving as an officer in an Army National Guard or US Army Reserve unit.

Getting your attention?

There are also many financial aid options available to help with the cost of education. ROTC offers up to two-year scholarships to those who qualify. Benefits include free tuition and books or room and board up to $5,430 per year. However, GMC ROTC ECP cadets receive a Performance Grant that covers room and board! As you can see, cadets on Army ROTC scholarships at GMC pay out very little to attend. Contracted cadets also receive a monthly stipend of $450-$500! Getting paid to go to college, what else could you ask for?

Did I also mention you have the ability to attend Army specialty training schools? If you want to jump out of airplanes, Airborne School could be in your future! Want to rappel out of helicopters? Air Assault school is waiting for you! Want to gain experience with an actual Army unit? Cadet Troop Leading Training can offer you up to 3-4 weeks with an Army unit performing platoon leader duties!

Where do I sign up you ask?

The best way to get in the program is to attend the Leader’s Training Course (LTC) at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The course is 30 days long and you will be paid about $750 for completing it. Other ways to enter the program are having completed three years of JROTC during high school or a military service basic training program.

Lots of information, I know. But, if your goal is to serve the country by obtaining a commission as a Second Lieutenant, GMC is the place to be! My staff is ready to help you succeed in achieving that goal and obtaining your education in the process. Contact the GMC ROTC department and let us get you started on what I know will be a rewarding and fulfilling career!

Toll-free: 800-342-0413
Direct:  478-387-4790
Fax:  478-445-7878

LTC Jim Lopez
“Bulldog 6”
Professor of Military Science
Georgia Military College