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Studio4 Learning Tutorials -

Online Tutorial Resources

900 free online educational videos

Study Skills/Dealing With Stress/College Life

How to Study:
Taking Notes - Improve GPA
Study Skills: How to study
Topics On Studying
Dealing With College


Help with College Algebra: College Algebra

Graphing Calculator

Purplemath—Your Algebra Resource ©
This site includes a list of homework guidelines and a study skills survey. It has some great algebra topic modules with check your self quizzes. It also contains a list of free online tutoring sites and offers online tutoring itself at a cost of $24 per hour.—The World of Math Online © This site is good for fractions. If you type in a problem, the solution is given. Some explanations are better than others. Ask Dr. Math ® This is an online tutor. It is recommended that you first browse or search the archive for your question. You can submit questions and receive an e-mail response (no guarantee on length of time to response). The quality of the response depends on the person responding and may vary greatly.—An amusement part of math designed for fun! © Free sample lessons from this site include fractions, functions, trigonometric Pythagorean identities and limits (for calculus). It also includes a free How to Succeed in Math tip list. Access to the complete site costs $19.95 a month. (Note: The pay portion of the site was not reviewed.) Mrs. Glosser’s Math Goodies™ Free website offering interactive exercises. This website includes numerous worksheets for student practice. (Possible connect to your text book)

How to Study Math

Success In Math

Numerical Skills Study Guide (size ~ 300K)

Elementary Algebra Study Guide (size ~ 300K)

Intermediate Algebra Study Guide (size ~300K)

College Algebra Study Guide (size ~ 300K)

Suggested web site from the 5th graders in Grand Prairie, Texas

"Algebra Resources Galore!"  suggested by Apple Creek Historical Society.


Grammar Bytes! Grammar Instruction with Attitude!
Grammar Bytes! © includes explanations of grammar terms, interactive exercises, and printable handouts. Go to Grammar Bytes! © and have some fun while you polish your grammar skills.

OWL Online Writing Lab: Purdue University
With everything from interactive exercises to PowerPoint presentations on grammar and writing, OWL © is a one-stop grammar and writing doctor to help you cure the grammar symptoms in your ailing papers.

Grammar Slammer
Grammar Slammer © is the place to go to see the kinds of grammar mistakes students commonly make in their writing. Grammar Slammer © offers sample errors, solutions for those errors, and explanations to help you understand why the solution is the better choice.

English Irregular Verbs
English Irregular Verbs © is dedicated solely to irregular verbs, those verbs that don’t use the traditional –ed and –en verb endings for their past tense and past participle forms. This game-structured website allows you to play alone or against a classmate/opponent as you test you knowledge of irregular verbs.

Getting an A on an English Paper
A website for the serious English student, Getting an A on an English Paper © offers extensive instruction on thesis statements, research, close reading, style, and mechanics.


Nonstop English—Vocabulary
Nonstop English is the place to go to improve your vocabulary through online exercises. In fact, Nonstop English will send you interactive email exercises as often as seven days each week so that you can strengthen your vocabulary daily. You must register in order to use the website, but use of the website is free!

Reading Comprehension Connection ©—Merit Software The Reading Comprehension Connection offers free online lessons in three critical reading areas: vocabulary in context, reading for understanding, and reading strategies. Lessons in these three areas are offered on two levels, intermediate and advanced, and include sentence- and paragraph-length exercises.  

Natural Sciences

General Science Glossary

BIO 207/208 classes






Social Science
Outlines for Political Science

Studying for History

Taking an Exam!

Glossary of History Terms

Activities for Improving English-ESL Students

COMPASS (includes sample questions)