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As I continue to meet and learn more about our students at Georgia Military College I am continually amazed at some remarkable stories that I hear. Stories of young men and women that were it not for GMC, would have not been afforded the opportunity to pursue higher education. But through our very active and engaged faculty and staff we have students that are achieving more everyday than they ever thought possible. From providing open admissions to all students who have a high school diploma or GED, to our free tutoring, to our small class sizes, to our first year experience training, our students are provided with the instruction and more importantly support network to pursue their goals.

These achievements, for the most part, are the result of a very deliberate and intentional effort. They are the result of a desire to seize on what Georgia Military College offers them so that they can lift up their lives.

This is an exciting time for our College, and a very exciting time to be a part of something that changes lives. To so many of you who are committed to making a difference by providing support to assist our students and programs I want to say thanks thanks for making a difference! It is because of the selfless service that each of you has exhibited that we are able to continue to provide opportunities and a new future to so many young men and women.

Please get out and share the story of GMC and of our students at every opportunity. Thanks for believing in and supporting Georgia Military College as we carry forward its legacy of leadership, character, and service to others.

LtGen William Caldwell

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