Weeks of 24 June 2012 and 1 July 2012
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
WEEK 26 24 Jun 
25 Jun 
LTC Mini-Camp @ GMC Begins
26 Jun 
Mini-Camp Testing, Advising, Screening
27 Jun 
AUG Summer Mid-Term
Mini-Camp PT Test/Classes
GMC Foundation EX Board @ Noon
AUG Fall 1 Admission & Financial Aid Deadline
28 Jun 
WR Summer Mid-Term
OLC Mid-Term
Mini-Camp Road March, Rappelling
ATL Summer Mid-Term
COL Summer Mid-Term
JC Student Info Session for Financial Aid and Academic Support 1pm NAB176
29 Jun 
GMC Closes @ Noon
Mini-Camp BBQ @ GMC Lake Lot
30 Jun 
VAL Summer Mid-Term
Mini-Camp Movement to Ft. Knox, KY
WEEK 27 1 Jul 
LTC Mini-Camp @ GMC Ends
LTC Camp @ Ft. Knox, KY Begins
2 Jul 
Prep CMP Advance Standing Camp (Rifle Team) @ Anniston AL
AUG Fall 1 New Student Registration Begins
3 Jul 
Prep CMP Advance Standing Camp (Rifle Team) @ Anniston AL
4 Jul 
Independence Day Holiday
JC Creative Thinking Sleepover/Movie TENT
5 Jul 
MIL,MAD,SAN No Classes Today
MIL Campus Closed
6 Jul 
MIL Campus Closed
7 Jul