Core Curriculum for the Associate in Science Degree

The core curriculum of the AS degree at GMC includes those courses which the faculty of the college have identified as central to the development of the proficiencies of a Georgia Military College student. The core courses are also those in common with the core requirements of most senior colleges and universities throughout the United States. This curriculum facilitates transfer, after graduation from GMC, to a four-year program at senior colleges.

Essential Skills (15 quarter hours)

 ENG 101  5
 ENG 102  5
 MAT 106, 109 or higher  5


Institutional Options  (8-9 quarter hours)

 GMC 101 (College Success)*
 GMCA 154 (Character Above All)
One of the following:  
 PED  2
 WEL 154  2
 HPE 202**  3
 HPE 204 or 205  2

*All first-time freshmen and transfer students in unsatisfactory academic standing must complete must complete GMC 101, College Success, in the first quarter of enrollment.  This requirement may be waived on an individual basis by appealing to the Academic Dean or DLC Assistant Dean.

**HPE 202 recommended for Education majors.

Humanities and Fine Arts (10 quarter hours)

One of the following:
ENG 201/202/221/222 
Humanities elective 
One of the following:


Natural Science, Math and Technology (22-24 quarter hours)

Any two lab sciences 12 
CIS 200 or equivalent 5/6 
Math or Science elective 5/6
Choose one of the following:  
*BIO 207 recommended for HPE Majors
**MAT 200 recommended for Education majors

A student that successfully completes MAT 106 or MAT 109 for the Essential Skills Requirement cannot use MAT 106 or MAT 109 to satisfy the MAT/SCI Elective.

Social Sciences (20 quarter hours)

HIS 101A or 102A
HIS 121 or 122 
PLS 101 
Social Science elective 
Choose one of the following:
(ECO 201, ECO 202, PSY 200, or SOC 200 recommended for Education Majors)

Core Curriculum 75/78
Concentration AS 25/30
Total   100/108