Course Prefixes

ACC Accounting
ANT  Anthropology
ARS  Aerospace Studies
ART  Art
BIO  Biology
BOA  Business Office Administration
BUS Business
CHE  Chemistry
CIS  Computer Information Systems
COM Communications
CRJ  Criminal Justice
ECO  Economics
EDN  Education
ENG English
FRE  French
GEO Geography
GER  German 
GMC and GMCA  Georgia Military College
HIS  History
HPE Health & Physical Education
HSE Homeland Security
ISC Interdisciplinary Science
MAT Mathematics
MGT  Management
MSD Military Science
MUS  Music
NTR Nutrition
PED  Physical Education
PHI  Philosophy
PHY  Physics  
PLG Paralegal
PLS  Political Science
PSC  Physical Science
PSY  Psychology
RDG  Reading
REL  Religion
RTE  Regentsí Writing
RTR  Regentsí Reading
SOC Sociology
SPA  Spanish
SWK Social Work
THE  Theater
WEL  Wellness