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SOC 200 Intro to Sociology 5 qh
The study of human society, the nature of culture and its organizations. Applications of communication, socialization, mobility, and population growth are analyzed. A comprehensive study of research methods, theories, and principle findings in the field of sociology.

SOC 201 Social Problems 2 qh
An analysis of a diversified society in relation to social events that occur in contemporary society. Changes in social norms, social goals, and values are a primary concern. Social disorganization as it applies to family, economics, religion, and other social institutions is discussed.

SOC 202 Social Problems 2 qh
A continuation of SOC 201.

SOC 203 Social Problems 2 qh
A continuation of SOC 202.

SOC 205 Social Problems 5 qh

SOC 201, 202, and 203 combined and taught in one course.

SOC 206 Juvenile Delinquency and Procedures 5 qh
A detailed examination of juvenile delinquency in the United States. Course topics will include: social causes, apprehension and processing, court procedures, and rehabilitation. Cross-listed as CRJ 104.

SOC 207 The Family 5 qh
The study of the family as a basic social institution. Course includes alternative behaviors in contemporary family life, changes in family patterns, and marital adjustments and challenges.

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