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CRJ 100 Intro to Criminal Justice  5 qh
A general overview of the American criminal justice system. Each of the major components (police, courts, and corrections) will be examined.

CRJ 101 Correctional Institutions  5 qh
An introduction to correctional procedures, punishment, deterrence, incarceration, and rehabilitation.

CRJ 102 Legal Aspects of Prisons and Jails 5 qh
Reviews judicial decisions that have had significant implications for the operation of prisons/jails. Explains how the correctional professional can incorporate mandated changes into the operation of prisons/jails.

CRJ 103 Criminal Procedures  5 qh
A study of the nature and function of the law with relation to the criminal process, policies and procedures in the administration of criminal justice.

CRJ 104 Juvenile Delinquency and Procedure  5 qh
A detailed examination of juvenile delinquency in the United States. Course topics will include: social causes, apprehension and processing, court procedures, and rehabilitation. Cross-listed as SOC 206.

CRJ 109 Probation and Parole  5 qh
The course examines the theory, practices and processes of probation and parole.

CRJ 110 Principles of Private Security  5 qh
The historical development of security as a vocation, types of security, personnel requirements, and legal support constraints placed on security programs are studied.

CRJ 200 Intro to Criminology  5 qh
An examination of crime theories and causation. The relationship between crime, the criminal, and society is presented. The nature of criminal behavior, moral law, and criminal law are discussed.

CRJ 201 Criminal Investigation 5 qh
Introduces the student to the techniques of criminal investigation to include: crime scene, search and recording, collection and preservation of evidence, scientific aids, modus operandi, sources of information, and interviewing witnesses.

CRJ 202 Intro to Criminalistics 5 qh
The study of the scientific aspects of criminal investigation to include: collection, preservation, and examination of physical evidence, chemical and other scientific methods used in a modern crime investigation laboratory.

CRJ 203 Police Community Relations 5 qh
This course examines the historical development of criminal justice agencies with emphasis on community relationships, police and community perceptions, attitudes and values.

CRJ 204 Ethics in Criminal Justice 5 qh
An introduction to concepts of ethics and the examination of contemporary ethical issues in criminal justice.

CRJ 205 Criminal Law I 2 qh
This course examines substantive criminal law and its procedures for implementation. Emphasis will be given to historical developments, contemporary forms of criminal definitions and Supreme Court decisions that govern criminal procedures.

CRJ 206 Criminal Law II 2 qh
Continuation of CRJ 205

CRJ 207 Criminal Law III 2 qh
Continuation of CRJ 206.

CRJ 208 Criminal Law 5 qh  - CRJ 205, 206, 207 combined and taught in one course.

CRJ 209 Police Supervision & Management  5 qh
An examination of public administration as it applies to criminal justice organizations. Emphasis will be given to organizational theory, leadership, decision-making, and human resource management.

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