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Students entering Georgia Military College in programs leading to the award of the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree will want to pass the Regentsí Exam before transferring to an educational institution in Georgia that requires the Board of Regentsí exam for graduation. If a student has not passed both parts of this exam, then the follow-on institution may require transfer students to enroll in a Regentsí remedial course before attempting the test again. Students are advised to check with their follow-on institution concerning this requirement.  

The Regentsí Exam consists of two parts. Part one is a sixty-minute Reading Exam where students read passages and answer multiple choice questions relating to vocabulary, inference, analysis, and fact finding. Part two is a sixty-minute Writing Exam where students are given several topics and are asked to select a topic and write an essay addressing that topic.

To receive a passing score on the Regentsí Reading Exam, a student must make a 61 or higher, and to receive a passing score on the Regentsí Writing Exam, a student must make a 2 or higher.


Limited accommodations may be arranged for students with learning disabilities that have been certified by the collegeís Assistant Director of Academic Support Services and that have been in place while the student has been attending Georgia Military College. The college will not certify an accommodation request for any student who has not had such accommodation prior to registration for the Regentsí Exam. Students with certification should consult with the Assistant Director of Academic Support Services or the Distant Learning Center Director prior to requesting to register for the Regentsí Exam.


Students who can demonstrate that their native language is not English will be given the option of taking the standard Regentsí Exam or of following special procedures, where students are allowed extended time and may use a translation dictionary that they supply. The essay test is locally developed and uses topics not requiring knowledge specific to American culture. The essays are evaluated locally by three raters selected from Georgia Military College faculty and staff who use scoring procedures comparable to those used for the Regentsí Exam. The reading test will be administered and graded by a Georgia Military College faculty or staff person. However, if a student selects this option, then this policy can only be guaranteed to apply to Georgia Military College guidelines and policies and may not fulfill the Regentsí requirement at another institution.

When to Take the Regentsí Exam:
Georgia Military College students can register for the Regents' Exam while enrolled in ENG 102; however, the student must attempt the Regentsí Test after completing ENG 102 with a "C" or better.  Students not completing the Regents' Exam before accruing 60 quarter hours must enroll in RTR 090 and RTE 090 and shall continue such enrollment until such time as the Regentsí Exam is successfully completed.

Students transferring to Georgia Military College who have transferred in the course equivalency of ENG 102, Composition II, or who come from a program where the Regentsí Exam is not required should take the Regentsí Exam during their first or second quarter of enrollment in a degree program with GMC. Those transfer students who have not passed the Regentsí Exam before their third quarter of enrollment must take the RTR 090 and RTE 090 classes.


Registering for the Regentsí Exam:
No student shall be allowed to sit for the Regentsí Exam unless they are enrolled in the college for the term of the test. Georgia Military College students enrolled for that term must arrange for the Regentsí Exam through the appropriate office of their campus to secure a test date and time and pay their Regentsí Exam fee. If taking the Regentsí Exam for the first time, the student must register for both elements. This is a non-refundable fee payable each time a test date is arranged. GMC students may only take their test at their campus designated Regentsí College or University Test Center and must show proper photo identification before being admitted to take the test.  A studentís advisor can assist the student in registering for the Regentsí Exam.


Failing the Regentsí Exam Once:
A student, who fails both the Reading and Writing elements, is allowed to retake one or both parts of the Regentsí Exam. If one component is passed and another failed, then only that portion failed must be retaken.


Failing the Regentsí Exam More Than Once:
If a student fails a portion of the Regentsí Exam on the second attempt, then a skills course is required in the area that the student failed prior to attempting the failed test succeeding times. The required skills course is either or both RTR 090, Regentsí Reading Exam or RTE 090, Regentsí Essay Writing. (See below for an explanation of these skills courses.) A student must continue to take the course or courses required until that student passes the Regentsí Exam.

Explanation of Regentsí Courses:
Regentsí skills courses, RTR 090, Regentsí Reading Test and RTE 090, Regentsí Essay Writing, are institutional credit courses designed to assist students in improving their skills to a level of proficiency essential to successful completion of the tests. If a student fails the Regentís Reading Exam twice, then the student must enroll in the RTR 090 Regentsí Reading Exam Preparation course. If the student fails the Regents' Writing Exam twice, then the student must enroll in the RTE 090, Regents' Writing Exam Preparation course. The description of these courses is located in the course description section of the catalog.  

The course is graded using the following scale: S, U, or I. These grades will be determined according to the following guidelines:

S (Satisfactory) = The grade of S is assigned when a student successfully completes the Regents' skills course and successfully passes the Regents' Test after completing the course.

U (unsatisfactory) = The grade of U is assigned when a student fails to successfully complete the Regents' skills course or has failed the Regents' Test after completing the  course.

I (incomplete) = Any student taking and passing the skills course, but who has not taken the Regents' Test by the end of the course, will be assigned the grade of I. The grade of I will be changed to a grade of S or a grade of U based on successful or unsuccessful completion of the Regents' Test, respectively.

Appeal a Failing Score on the Regentsí Writing Exam:
A student may appeal a failing score on the Regentsí Essay Exam if the student received at least one passing grade.  To initiate the appeal, the student must contact his/her advisor, who will notify the Chair of the Humanities and Education Division after determining, from the Registrarís office, if the student obtained at least one passing score of a 2 or 3. The review must be initiated within the first three weeks of the studentís quarter of enrollment after the quarter in which the Writing Test was failed.  The Humanities and Education Division Chair will have the essay reviewed by a committee of at least three Georgia Military College English faculty members, and this committee decides whether the essay should be appealed to the Regentsí Board, or the test score should not be contested.  If the committee chooses to forward the essay to the Regentsí Board, then that committee will decide if the essay score should remain the same or change.  The Regentsí Board will then notify the Chair of the Humanities and Education Department, who will notify the advisor and the student as soon as the determination has been made by the board.

Appeal a Failing Score on the Regentsí Reading Exam:
Students may elect to pay a fee to have their Reading Exam hand-scored. However, the scoring methods used for the Regents' Reading Exam are highly reliable and accurate.   Each reading test answer sheet is machine-scored twice, and hand-scoring has never resulted in a change in a student's score.   If you first bubbled in an incorrect answer, erased it and then marked the correct answer, the machine would detect the difference between the erasure and your correct answer.



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