About This Program:

The Biology degree is a common major for Medical school or Veterinary school. The degree provides a solid background for students whose goals include teaching Biology or conducting research in Biology or Medicine.  The students will be prepared for baccalaureate degree work in biology at most four-year institutions by developing skills in analysis, critical thinking, project design and completion as well as scientific writing.

What You Will Learn:

  • Students completing this program will be able to design a biological project utilizing the scientific method
  • Students completing this program will be able to research biological literature
  • Students completing this program will be able to collect and interpret data
  • Students completing this program will be able to write the results of a project in the format of a biological scientific journal

Program Benefits:

Students who graduate from GMC with this major will be prepared to transfer to upper level programs with a seamless transfer equivalent to the background of students starting their degree programs at the receiving institution. Students with this degree are prepared to become laboratory assistants; completion of the B.S. in Biology will prepare the student for a degree in Biological Science, Medicine, or other science related field. With further education beyond the associate’s degree, graduates could pursue careers such as Physician, Veterinarian, Dentist, Optometrist, Podiatrist, Pharmacist, Physical Therapist, Speech Therapist, Genetic Counselor, Dietician, Biomechanical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Researcher, Marine Biologist, Zookeeper, Forensics and Criminal Investigation, Forest Ranger, Health Official, Bioterrorism Expert, Environmental Scientist, Biology teacher in Primary or Secondary Schools, or College Professor.

Program Length

A.A. - 100/103 Quarter Hours
A.S. - 95/99 Quarter Hours