Academic Support Services dedicates itself to promoting and motivating students to increase their desire to learn through creating an environment that encourages self-advocacy needed to achieve academic success by:

  • Working with students with disabilities to approve and provide reasonable accommodations

  • Assist students with the development of academic skills

  • Providing academic advising to students to obtain their personal and educational goals

  • Providing tutoring services through online access or face-to-face interaction to meet the needs of a larger population of students

Programs include:

Academic Success

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GMC Professors can meet with you one-on-one to discuss your academic progress and offer suggestions for success, but sometimes, you may need more assistance. In that case, we are here to help.

Academic Success Coaches can provide information on study strategies, reducing stress or overcoming test anxiety.

Tutors can explain the course content again, suggest ways to improve your writing, or help you practice math problems. GMC offers tutoring in a variety of subject areas.

GMC Referral Counselors can listen to your problems and help you find the appropriate agency to assist you with personal issues that you don’t want standing in the way of your academic success.

Disability Access Coordinators – Do you have a learning or physical disability and want accommodations? We are here to level the academic playing field, so all students have the same opportunity to be successful in the classroom.

Academic Advisors – can assist you in creating a balanced course load and meeting your needs, so you can graduate with the major you want and take a step closer to your career goal

GMC Career Counselors – Not sure what path to take to reach the career you want? See your advisor or Academic Success Coach. They can provide resources to research the career you want or help you explore career types to choose a career.

Students entering GMC on exclusion must complete an Academic Success seminar in order to be eligible to register for the following quarter.


Katie Johnson, kjohnson@gmc.cc.ga.us
(accessible meeting place ZMH 117 upon request)

Assistant Director:
Testing Coordinator
Judy Ely, jely@gmc.cc.ga.us

Academic Advising and Tutoring:
Marilu Couch, mcouch@gmc.cc.ga.us

Manager of Student Disability Services:
Katie Johnson, kjohnson@gmc.cc.ga.us

(accessible meeting place ZMH 117 upon request)

Disability Specialist:
Amylou Simerly, asimerly@gmc.cc.ga.us