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The Academic Advising Program Mission

The mission of the academic advising program at GMC Columbus is to intentionally assist students in identifying, understanding and achieving educational, personal and professional goals by following a path of learning and discovery.  To that end, advisors will foster student success by facilitating an educational experience that holistically leads students to become self-directed, life-long learners and decision-makers.

Advising as Teaching and Learning:

According to the National Academic Advising Association, academic advising is an educational process that facilitates students’ understanding of the meaning and purpose of higher education and fosters their intellectual and personal development toward academic success and lifelong learning (NACADA, 2004).
At Georgia Military College in Columbus, we believe that “Advising is Teaching.”  Additionally, we believe “Learning” to be an outcome of “Teaching.”  We see advising as a distinct educational “Discipline.”  Thus, the academic advising program allows you to be partnered, and build a professional relationship, with an advisor who is a full-time, teaching faculty member.  This partnership offers you the opportunity to gain assistance in developing your educational degree plan, to learn the skills required for academic success and to understand the wealth of services and resources available to assist you in achieving your academic and personal goals.
You and your advisor share the responsibility for ensuring effective advising.  As is true of GMC’s academic program, the advising program is “Learner-Centered.”  In a learner-centered environment, learning is an “active” process.   Your faculty advisor takes his/her advising responsibilities very seriously.  You too must assume an equally dedicated and “active” role in the advising process to ensure that the advising partnership is a successful one.  You should view advising as an additional “course” added to your schedule each term.  To that end, the advising faculty in Columbus has developed a “course”/advising syllabus to guide you on your path to achieving your goals. This syllabus will be issued to you by your advisor as part of an "Advising Portfolio" at your first advising session during your first term of enrollment. Use this syllabus as you would a syllabus for an academic course.  You must focus on achieving the included “Expected Student Learning Outcomes.”

What is an Advising Syllabus?

An academic advising syllabus is a document that informs you of the tasks you will be expected to complete and skills you will learn as a result of your partnership with your academic advisor and your advising experiences while at GMC Columbus.  As is true of a course syllabus, the advising syllabus outlines and identifies the important skills and information you should acquire in pursuit of the successful achievement of your goals, both in the classroom and outside of it.
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How Will You Use the Syllabus?

Each time you meet with your advisor, he/she will informally assess the progress you are making toward completing the outcomes expected for each term.  You should always refer to the syllabus before arriving for scheduled appointments with your advisor so that you are prepared to discuss your progress.

Advisee Responsibilities — What is Expected of You
·         Schedule regular advising appointments prior to registration and at other times as needed
·         Keep your scheduled appointments, be on time and be prepared for the advising session (or be prepared to wait until late registration to be advised, requiring a payment of the late registration fee)
·         Bring your advising portfolio and all required documents to the scheduled advising session
·         Keep your portfolio organized, and update it regularly
·         Bring questions and/or other materials you may need to discuss to the advising session
·         Become knowledgeable of college policies, programs and procedures