At a Glance - Overview

Those who walk through these gates will forever be changed.

Since being established in 1879, Georgia Military College has remained committed to a fundamental value: belief in the importance of every person and in full development of the talents of every American citizen.

Today, in keeping with its founding principles, Georgia Military College strives to reduce barriers to higher education, to make it easier for students with modest means to earn a college degree, and to evolve a curriculum to meet an array of personal, economic, and societal needs.

Georgia Military College is a co-educational, accredited, liberal arts, junior college that opens its doors to qualified and highly motivated high school graduates who are determined to earn a college degree.

  • Ninety-five percent of those enrolled at Georgia Military College are commuting students who balance attending college while maintaining employment and providing for their family.
  • Only five percent of Georgia Military College students live on campus while studying at GMC. Members of this small group of students are enrolled in a highly regarded junior college cadet program that culminates at the end of two years of study with a select few men and women being commissioned as officers in the U.S. Army.

An experienced and caring Georgia Military College faculty does its best work with students who need to refresh or develop basic academic skills before enrolling in a full schedule of college-level work. The same faculty is also expert at turning around students who fall behind or struggle with their coursework.

Georgia Military College students transfer in impressive numbers to four-year colleges or universities in Georgia or elsewhere where they find they are fully competent to complete bachelor degree-level work. Others gratefully report that the Associates Degree they earned at Georgia Military College has assisted their advancement in the workplace.